Welcome to the Home Page  for the Redcar Blast 2016
 Open Walks promoted by Redcar R W C
 UK Centurions 100 Miles Qualifying Event
 RWA National Long Distance Champs
-          100 Miles        -         50 Miles       -        20 Miles               - 
from the The Beacon, Redcar Esplanade  
Saturday 6th August to Sunday 7th 2016


Competitors from home and abroad are warmly invited. The 'Redcar Blast' is a unique opportunity for long distance walkers to race on the newly developed seafront in front of the North East general public. 

Tented area available from Friday evening through to Sunday. Registration in the Claxton Hotel from 10.00am on Saturday 6th August before races start at 12.00 noon at the Redcar Beacon. Official finish at 12.00 noon Sunday 7th August.

Electronic timing on a UK Athletics measured lap of 2 Miles. Supporting races over 20 Miles and 50 Miles, all under RWA Category B rules (contact maintained with the ground at all times) Each event starts concurrently with all walkers recorded at these distances. Splits on display every 10 Miles for each competitor.

Official and Helpers Food + Drink tables provided, Separate Water and Sponging stations, with rest and refreshment facilities. Entry includes race packs and two free tickets for the Buffet Lunch on Sunday taking place at the Claxton before main Presentations.

U K    A t h l e t i c s    P e r m i t    N o    R W A 6 0 1 9 - 1