Victoria Park

Victoria Park
The King brothers took both leading places in the annual National 10 Mile Championship in Victoria Park, London, last Sunday. Conditions were excellent with some very welcome early Spring weather, in marked contrast to the Arctic conditions 12 months ago when some competitors were actually in danger of frostbite. However, racing proved rather difficult with a large number of park users on the circuit. 
Allowing for new use of the Pit Lane rule, there was not much time between them with Dom's 78:17 leading home Dan's 79:04, with third place going to our excellent masters walker Ian Richards with 89:30.
Grazina Narvilliene won the women's title in a time of 82:28 ahead of Fiona McGorum 93:38 and another super masters/ultra walker in the person of Sandra Brown 98:19.
10 Miles Championship   -  Men 
1. Dominic King Colchester Harriers 78:17 
2. Daniel King Colchester Harriers 79:04 
3. Ian Richards Steyning AC 89:30 
4. Chris Hobbs Ashford AC 91:08 
5. Steve Allen Barnet and District 92:14 
6. Steve Uttley Ilford AC 93:29 
7. Arthur Thomson Enfield AC 98:17 
8. Chris Berwick Leicester WC 98:47 
9. David Crompton Lancashire WC 102:18 
10. Sean McMullin Mullingar Harriers 102:50 
11. Roger Michell Surrey WC 103:07 
12. Shaun Lightman Surrey WC 103:15 
13. John Constandinou Birchfield Harriers 103:30 
14. Paul King Belgrave Harriers 107:15 
15. Mick Harran Surrey WC 108:07 
16. George Smolinski Leicester WC 109:36 
17. Shaun Pender Enfield AC 111:16 
18. John Borgars Loughton AC 112:40 
19. Ed Shillabeer Ilford AC 116:35 
20. Chris Flint Surrey WC 119:41 
David Hoben Surrey WC DQ 
Peter Hannell Surrey WC DQ 
Jonathon Hobbs Ashford AC DNF 
Francisco Reis Ilford AC DNF 
10 Miles Championship  -   Women 
1. Grazina Narvilliene Belgrave Harriers 92:28 
2. Fiona McGorum Leicester Walking Club 93:38 
3. Sandra Brown Surrey WC 98:19 
4. Penelope Cummings Aldershot and Farnham 104:23 
5. Maureen Noel Belgrave Harriers 108:10 
Sandra Cambell Surrey WC DNF