Cardiff - courtesy of Martin Bell

Cardiff  -  courtesy of Martin Bell

The forecast didn't look good - heavy thunderstorms, and chance of flash flooding - the reality
turned out to be hot and humid as the clouds broke about 30 minutes before the race walks. 
With the boys and girls racing together, it was Wales's Abdi Osman who hit the front at the gun
before Ireland's Aaron Egan hit the front to walk away from the field. Looking smooth throughout
he set about chasing the meet record (12:35 to Lloyd Finch). The combined heat and humidity
took its toll in the later stages but he was rewarded with his first sub 13 clocking. Andrew Bell
(Ireland) followed his compatriot, also clocking a pb, with England's Luc Legon 3rd and Tim
Snook 4th, both clocking pb's. Abdi, unfortunately picking up a dq in the final straight.
Sophie Lewis-Ward (pictured) took advantage of the boys to clock a pb winning the girls race
from Niamh O'Connor (Ireland) and Heather Butcher (England).
Our pairing of Megan and Amy found the going tough in the conditions, but with both "under
age" for the meeting they have two more years to return and perform better. 
1. Aaron Egan Ireland 12:59.52
2. Andrew Bell Ireland 13:46.07
3. Luc legon England 14:18.36
4. Tim Snook England 14:30.70
Abdi Osman (Wales) dq
1. Sophie Lewis-Ward England 14:27.08
2. Niamh O'Connor Ireland 14:39.97
3. Heather Butcher England 15:07.48
4. Claire Kennedy Ireland 15:07.96 
5. Megan Stratton-Thomas Wales 17:42.08
6. Amy Phipps Wales 18:28.90