RW JUDGING - Qualification, Assimilation, and Progression

RW JUDGING   -   Qualification, Assimilation, and Progression

October 2015

Following a good expression of interest generally,  England Athletics have confirmed provision of a Level 2 Race Walk Judging Module at Leeds Beckett University  (Headingley Campus) on Sunday, 6th December.

Alongside will be a Generic Officials / Health + Safety Course for Athletics,  which is compulsory  (unless previously done)  for licensing as a RW Judge. Another module is offered  for Track Judging.

RW Judging Course details HERE

Officials Health and Safety Course details HERE

 Officials Track Level 2 details HERE



Timetable is as follows :

10.00 – 12.00  Generic and Health and Safety  -  cost £10

12.00 – 13.00   Race Walk Judging  -  cost £20

13.00 – 14.00  Lunch break provided free. 

Observation of race walkers in action on the track and possibility of coaching feedback.

14.00 – 14.30  Race Walk Judging (continued)

14.30 -16.00    Track judging  -  cost £20


(Note  -  applicants should contact their Club Secretaries to discuss subsidy of the costs, and what they might be able to contribute as Officials in return).

General info about Level 2 Officials procedure HERE


The  history of competitive walking has always depended upon the ability of thorough, efficient and vigilant people to oversee races correctly.  It's future will be no different.

Anyone not already qualified at existing Level 3+ might be a current Race Walker. You may be a very active parent or supporter. All of you are certainly well experienced enough in the discipline to make excellent, valuable candidates for the above basic Judging qualification. 

Doing so would improve understanding of the event and be a welcome asset for your club resources, while being no bar to any continuing as an active athlete. 






Moira Gallagher MBE Chair of the UKA Officials’ Education Sub-Group attended the RWA Committee meeting on October 18th,  to present,  receive questions and discuss the below.


In February 2014 a meeting took place between Race Walking representatives (Peter Marlow, Peter Cassidy, Martin Rush) and the UKA Track and Field Officials’ Education Sub-Group.  This was requested by Martin Rush for the purpose of exploring the possibility of integrating the training of Race Walk Judges into the UKA Officials’ Pathway. At the meeting it was agreed that this was desirable and outline plans were made which has led to the following.



The UKA Officials’ pathway is to have the levels renumbered from 2016 and details of the existing and new numbering system can be found in Appendix D of the current UKA rulebook.

It makes sense to deal with the assimilation of Race Walk Judges’ levels straight into the new numbering system so this will happen from  April 1st 2016. Information is given below to show the current equivalent levels as well as the 2016 ones.

 In order to ensure that the RWA judges are assimilated in a fair way against the same criteria across the country the matter will be discussed at the October RWA Committee meeting.


Those officials currently listed by RWA who have licences have been listed on Trinity with the RWA level shown although these levels do not fit with the levels in other disciplines. From 2016 they will be assimilated into the correct levels at the same time as all other officials will have their levels renumbered.  Consultation as to appropriate levels will take place with RWA Area Officials’ Secretaries and other RWA personnel to ensure that the Levels to which people are assimilated are acceptable to RWA and if possible accurately reflect the level at which they are deemed competent to work. It is assumed that Area RWA Officials Secretaries will have the relevant information about the meetings at which their RWA judges have officiated during the year.

The renumbering of levels will work as follows

Current RWA Level


Equivalent current UKA Level 2015


New UKA numbering 2016

Level 2


Level 2a or 2b


Level 1 or 2 (I suggest using level 2 for those already on the list)






Level 3


Level 2c


Level 3






Level 5


Level 3


Level 4







From 2016 (The change of numbers is as given in the rule book. The descriptors here are as written by MG for explanatory purposes only and should not be taken as the definitive version)

Current 2a becomes Level 1. This level is for those working at a very local (club) level and requiring a considerable degree of oversight.

Current 2b becomes Level 2. Those officials who are working at a County wide level which will probably cover the majority of Race walking events eg. Local leagues, club events, County championships.

Current 2c becomes Level 3. Those officials who are capable of working at Area level (eg North, South, Midlands). As far as race walk judges are concerned this group is likely to be currently shown by the RWA as Level 3 so their numbering will remain the same.

Current Level 3 becomes Level 4.  As far as race walk judges are concerned this group is currently shown as Level 5 but will need to come into line as Level 4, including those officials who are on the IAAF judging panels. Those officials deemed capable of officiating as Race Walk judges at national level meetings (such as British Championships) There may be a lot of discussion within RWA as to whom should be on this list!  However to save upset possibly those currently shown as Level 5 could simply be transferred across to Level 4 but then a separate list could be produced of those currently deemed competent to officiate at British Championship events. (This would be similar to the IMO list for the other disciplines – see information in UKA rulebook)

For information  - In 2016 UKA are introducing a Level 5 which will be a multi-disciplinary level requiring attendance at a course and exam similar to that held for European ITOs. This level will be held only for a four year period after which a refresher course and repeat exam will be required to be passed. This level will not be used for individual disciplines.

HOW TO QUALIFY  AS A RACE WALKING JUDGE – as from January 2016  (suggestions to be discussed and agreed)

The aim is for Race Walk Judging to be treated in the same way as the other disciplines.

Historically across the UK there has not been any standard published system whereby people could qualify as Race Walking Judges. By integrating Race Walk Judging into the UKA Officials’ pathway it is hoped to encourage some additional  officials to train for this discipline.

It is recognised that there are some aspects of race walk judging which do not apply to other disciplines and these need to be taken into account:-

·         The fact that events take place both in and out of stadia.

·         The fact that B races are held which only apply the “contact” rule

In all cases the RWA area Officials’ Secretaries/Home Countries will be informed of those who qualify through the following system which will be the only system of qualification from April 2016. All Race Walk Judges are required to hold UKA Officials’ licences which involves keeping their DBS police check up to date.


All areas will be asked to confirm their lists by the end of 2015 and at this time they will need to decide whether or not those officials are ready to be listed. Those not listed will be deemed to be starting from scratch but will be able to count their previous experiences once they have attended the course.


2a (Level  1 2016) – look at introductory slides on website (also included in L2 Generic module), complete at least 4 experiences and submit application in the normal manner. These experiences may be for race walks on the track or out of stadium. They must include at least one “A” race under full race walking rules.

2b (Level 2 2016) – attend the Level 2 Race Walk Judging module and complete at least 6 further experiences . These first 10 experiences must include at least 6 at “A” races under full race walking rules. One of these further six experiences can be as judges recorder (DQ board). In addition a set of discipline specific questions must be answered satisfactorily.

2c (Level 3 2016) – 10 Further experiences .Of these at least 8 must be from “A” races. Two of these experiences can be as judges recorder. (Are these figures realistic given the number of events that take place?)

Level 3 (Level 4 2016) – module still to be written and requirements specified


2a (level 1 2016) Attend a full level 2 course including Generic, Health and Safety and the Race Walk Judging module. It is hoped that all concerned will also attend another discipline module such as track or timekeeping. When all modules are held on the same day the Race Walk Judging module will be held after the other modules.  Apply for DBS police check and apply for 2a accreditation in the same way as for any other discipline after gaining 4 experiences (as specified above).

The aim is that qualifying as a Race Walking Judge will be done alongside another discipline so that those people, who are already at track and field meetings at a local level, can cover walks as well as the other events meaning that additional officials do not need to be invited. It is recognised that there will be some officials who wish to qualify as Race Walk Judges only as they work exclusively at out of stadium events.

Attendance at the full Level 2 endurance course can be substituted for attendance at the Level 2 track/field courses but the race walk judging module will normally be held in conjunction with track and field courses

2b (Level 2 2016) and 2c (Level 3 2016) Progression as specified above.


MG 28.9.15 

(approved by UKA Track and Field Officials Education Group, and chairman TAG 1.10.15)